The aim of Engineering Education should be to turn out Servants of the people who live and die for the country. 

 -Mahatma Gandhi. 


        Keeping this in mind we strive to promote the core values hard work, self discipline, sense of purpose, Commitment, responsibility and countability among the students to enable them to serve the state and country. We create an excellent teaching and learning environment for our staff and student to realize their full potential and thus enabling them to contribute positively to the community. 



            To produce quality engineers by providing active leaning environment, who are ready to work in an increasingly techno world and to contribute to the social and economic betterment of the society. 

            To Instill in the students, the attitude, values and vision that will prepare them to lead lives with personal integrity and civil responsibility. To Impart personality development skills to students that will help them to succeed and lead, and to uplift the society. Preparing students to face the industrial, governmental and societal challenges.